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Streamline Your Animation Workflow
with AI Auto-Rigging!

Get Ready to Rig Your Characters in Seconds

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Our Key Benefits

  • 1. Time-Saving
  • 2. Easy-to-Use
  • 3. High-Quality Rigs
  • 4. Custom Rigging Options
  • 5. Real-Time Progress Tracking
  • 6. Priority Customer Support:


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Time-Saving AI

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High-Quality Deformation

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Customization Control

Effortless Rigging in 3 Simple Steps

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Upload Your Model

Begin by uploading your 3D character model to our platform. Our intelligent system analyzes the model's geometry.

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AI Rigging Magic

Watch as our state-of-the-art algorithms work their magic, generating a custom rig tailored to your character.

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Download and Animate

EZ Aurorig makes animating fun again! It takes the busywork out of the process.

Best Deal Ever!

Quality Rigs, Unbelievable Price.

Per 1-5 Contents


Our plan lets you download 1 to 5 rigged contents for an unbeatable $3.

It's the perfect solution for those who value flexibility without breaking the bank.

We are offering you

  1. Auto-rigging for 1 to 5 contents.
  2. Standard customer support
  3. Access to basic rigging options
  4. Email notifications for completed rigs
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